Little Eaton Community Association LECA Photo Memories

Photos are available on this site from the following LECA events.  Just click on the blue links to go to the relevant set of slides.

More photos will be added from other events soon, so please come back to see what’s new!

LECA stalwarts at the official opening of the New Village Hall 27 June 2010 LECA Stalwarts at the cutting of the first turf to start the building of the New Village Hall in 2009 - a bit of history! From the Archives Recent Events

A Curry Evening – 8 February 2014

This year has also started well with our first event, a curry evening, being well supported. We had around 60 people for a three course meal. The food was provided by Marsala and was excellent. In addition, a table top quiz was run by John Ekman and proved to be very entertaining. Thanks John for your efforts.

For a change, the bar was run by The New Inn and this seemed to go well. It gave our usual bar keepers, Barbara and Brian a welcome break!

Excellent raffle prizes were contributed by Marsala (two £40 vouchers) and

The New Inn (a £10 voucher) as well as other donations.

Overall the evening went very well thanks to our two organisers Margaret and Syd and, of course, all their helpers. We made about £225 at this event.  View photos

Jazz Night on 24th July 2010 - the first LECA event in the New Village Hall - view photos

Folk Evening– 5 April 2014

Another successful evening. Thanks to all concerned.  View photos

Starters & Sweets Evening – 7 June 2014

Another successful evening. Thanks to all concerned.  View photos